Meditation 01.04.2012

Light and Peace reach your heart, your mind, your emotions.

I would like to emphasize the importance of living your existence with attention and awareness.
There is a very powerful energy form in beings who decide to go through their existence with attention and awareness by those who instead let the events of existence overwhelm them and transport them as if they were castaways in a stormy sea.
Don’t wait for events to fall upon you.
If this event takes place in your existence, always know how to read its contents and motivations.
The attitude of those who live their experience in the physical body as someone who suffers, as a victim of their own experiences and those of others, wastes a great opportunity.

What constitutes a short journey, from the beginning of an existence to its fulfillment, is an incredible, extraordinary succession of opportunities, of events that become significant only because they are mixed, they are imbued with the experiences of different emotions.
A day where your emotions are not solicited is a day that beings pass passively, without activating any quality.
Basically it is what most men want: a quiet life, a life that flows without any movement.

When the experiences reach you and contain the impetuosity of the drive for change, they are recognized as experiences of pain, difficulty and the mind activates a shield that is that of fear.
The face that prevents fear is grasped and not the force that preserves and asks for attention so that you pay attention.

Fear, like all emotions, presents itself with many facets and all are nourished, supported by the collective energy, by the economic speculative one (making men fearful gives power to those who know how to exert such strength). And it is easily used as an alibi to stay rooted in one’s positions.

You will wonder when you have left your body what you were afraid of: ghosts, presences, absences.
Often underneath fear laziness is hidden, the pleasure of basking in any situation, even when it gives nothing when it no longer stimulates you.
Habit is what sleeps, narcotizes the will, the drive for growth.
This is why it is important to learn a new language, a different language made up of symbols, made up of attention and the ability to translate.

Here is the diversity of men: there are beings tired of being a number and they begin their buddhic journey, in awakening.
There are beings who arrive with great potential but hide behind false values ​​and give completely twisted meanings of their events, coincidences, encounters, clashes, illnesses, wealth, poverty, the good of evil.

The cautious man, the man who does not know how to trust is the man who will go through his life in the deepest insecurity.
The distrust of himself leads him to project himself and to convince himself that nothing or anyone can be trusted and the opportunities fade, they pass by without being seen.

Even the meaning of the disease is seen as an offering in one’s sacrifice.
This can also be a good reading if, instead of waiting for the event to manifest itself, the human being decides to open up to brotherhood before the event when the well-being and vital energy flows clear inside his body and not when fear grips and when the body proceeds in a direction opposite to its will and the pleasure of living

So there is the fallback: devote your pain to others why not devote your energy to others? Why not dedicate it to yourself by taking care of yourself?
How can a man who has a duty to care for his temple think that his inability to take care of himself gives him the ability to take care of others? With which meter? To what extent?

Each of you comes with a long history, made up of thousands and thousands of existences.
It comes with the incognito wisdom deposited in the light of immortality that makes every being a child of the only Father.
It is enough not to remember why each of you feels authorized not to find the excuse to find the alibi of fear and remain anchored to miserable certainties.

The energy of the moment, the energy of events, the cosmic energy pushes impetuously so that souls can awaken, they can consciously decide to respect each other, to acknowledge that they respect and recognize the Divine that breathes in every smallest particle.
There is nothing, nothing that is not pervaded by the Divine. Yet no one sees it.

You dwell on the beauty of things and by now you have got used to these too.
The seasons follow one another in a magical, extraordinary way, the cycle of water, winds, day, night, a seed that unfolds, a life that is born and the continuous manifestation of Divine Love. Yet you don’t love each other.
You are the most extraordinary emanation of creation: beings capable of acting freely, of choosing. Yet you do not choose. Yet you go through your time in illusion.

But if it is not your hands that do, your feet that proceed, your conscience and awareness that choose, you will miss the greatest opportunity this time is offering you.

All the inner paths start with great enthusiasm, with a great push because at the beginning the results are clear and evident; but they are only the removal of the superficial patina.
It is in long distances, in daily work, in the commitment to observe your personal journey moment by moment, moment by moment, breath by breath.
There is no individual path that does not have an impact on other beings, on everything that surrounds you …….