On the rolling hills of the Roero there is a small “Point of Light”.
A small space on this extraordinary planet that opens its doors to researchers.
Researchers of a treasure as immense as it is invisible and deeply yearned for are welcomed.

The Center is a simple physical place and for this reason it offers the ideal space to search for his treasure inside the bearer ….
One meditates, one studies, one does Karma yoga, one confronts oneself with one’s own ignorance and above all one searches for the WISE who is waiting to emerge within us.

The seminars and meetings aim to create a place of energy to support the change underway by promoting opportunities to confront oneself, unmasking the alibis we create to justify our not doing.
The association supports the dissemination of the initiatives in a very simple way and sincere researchers reach us, those who WANT to understand the project of their birth, life and beyond reach us with their hearts and minds.

For the moment we cannot accommodate for the night, but a few meters from the center there is a welcoming and charming Bed & Breakfast with an agreement with the center.

If you feel like you want information or come and browse by visiting us, we are at your complete disposal.
You can choose to spend a weekend, or a week.
You just have to want and everything is ready just for you ….

If you are interested, send us an email to or call this number +39 380 3480602.

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