Divine Masters

They are Beings who have achieved the top of evolution and knowledge within our solar system.
They are complete and are not part of the reincarnation law, they have set their lives entirely free and have achieved the source of knowledge. Their boundless devotion to the Divine presses them to choose to continue their work in the universe as well as in others, in order to support the Divine plan of evolution and knowledge.

When a moment of great change for mankind approaches, a Master chooses to live back in a physical body in order to support and radiate Light and Strength that are necessary for the “Divine Plan” to be carried out.
Great Creatures have devoted themselves to mankind by working on it again.
Everyone has marked some extraordinary phases and has left an incomparable wealth of actions and contents while never abandoning this mankind, who is so weak.
They have carried out the real union of brotherhood, since they have directly experience of the common Fatherhood. They are elder brothers who try to inspire, guide and open our conscience to Truth and to Wisdom.

They do it with a great deal of LOVE.
The path of each human being is followed and supported by the Masters, who support us in our endless experiences.
Only thanks to their teachings and their guide can mankind hope to evolve.
Even though they have become incarnate, they live far from the turmoil of human passions in order to channel all their Light on those beings who wish to evolve or who try to work for the Divine.
They send creatures around the world, who are able to perceive them and to convey their messages in every place and at any time.

The wisdom they spread through their channels is always in harmony with the historical times when mankind is active.
For this reason their contents are deep and appropriate to every historical age.
They follow the transformation of communication codes through space and time.
The Masters are the Creator’s arms and feet.
They go through systems and galaxies and take the pilgrims, who are lost everywhere and at any time, back home.
They wait in Love and Compassion and offer opportunities to everyone.

They give support to seekers and give knowledge to their followers, that is to say all of us, or better still, that part of us which has woken up an HEARS, SEES, PERCEIVES the truth because it has gone through illusion.