The Master of the Centre


With simplicity, competence, devotion to the Masters and profound respect for the people who come, she is the guide and the Light of this small miracle “PUNTO DI LUCE RISVEGLIO DELL’AMORE” nestled in the beautiful hills of the Roero. Her talents are available to all of us, if we are able to listen to it, if we can break away from situations that make us feel bad and make us suffer. In her words, there is always a resolution,  which we often do not want to accept, but it is a solution that will allow us to heal and take away from off unnecessary weight that you do not need.

 It teaches you to never be afraid, because fear is an immense, but sometimes useless and so unimportant emotion that is often the barrier of progression.
If you go beyond fear, you will discover a new world, you can find yourself again and start living, and not merely survive.

She is my teacher since 2005. I could write pages about her… I could write that she has been able to make me cry over my ignorance. I could write that I have enjoyed putting into practice, her teachings. I could write that she helped me discover my “DIVINITY”. I could write that she has made me LIVE. But what I would advise is for you to discover and listen to her. If you can open your mind, you will be able to read and feel your heart.