Message for the Ceremony of Light of 01.05.2016

After each full moon the energies that envelop and penetrate the planet and with it every being that populates it; they undergo a transformation, not always immediately visible, but certainly subtle and profound.
Everything that emerges after this interpenetration constitutes a process of transformation even when it seems that what emerges is the dark side.
It is precisely what emerges from the occult, represents the extraordinary effect of the Light.
Everything from time to time “comes to the Light” to be brought to the plane of awareness is transformed into “AWARENESS”
The Ceremony of Light, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month, constitutes an extraordinary moment of teaching and descends into the depths of each individual who participates in it, marks an inner journey that “MUST” subsequently be elaborated and transformed into service for the whole Humanity that here now shares the evolutionary plan on Earth.
The teaching comes from the Masters of Wisdom, who operate and follow a greater evolutionary project.
By imparting teachings of profound individual awareness, they direct human beings to act beyond individual needs, so that in full freedom each soul collaborates and becomes an instrument for the ever deeper descent of the Subtle Light.
This awareness arises from the clear “WILL OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE POWER OF THE MIND”.
This “POWER” constitutes the true link with the HIGHER MIND.
The only True quality to develop as the soul evolves.
During the Ceremony of the Light the Masters, through a channeling, make a direct contact both in individual form (in relation to the different evolutionary level), and globally.
Their message is Universal, it follows the evolutionary process in progress and aims to make every soul aware of the personal commitment to realize “THE DIVINE PLAN ON EARTH”.
The teaching descends into the depths of those who participate in it and marks an interior path that must subsequently be transformed into service for the brothers who share their earthly existence here now.
A double awareness of “duty” towards the individual and collective soul emerges.
They show the way to overcome the division and reach the UNITY from which all energy started.
After receiving “the message” from the Masters there is a moment of sharing about the contents of the same followed by a Puja which is nothing more than a moment of adoration towards the DIVINITY through a symbolic and personal offer (flowers, food , fruit, objects that are meaningful to everyone).
Food purified by the subtle energy that descends into the denser energy of matter, is shared to realize, at a later time, Communion and the Union of intentions.
After the moment of the offer, each participant lights a candle that symbolically represents the personal desire to always keep in touch with the Light, and to see the personal project more and more clearly in order to harmonize it with the Universal one.
Participating in the Ceremony constitutes a moment of service and expansion of Compassion and Love towards the DIVINE EVOLUTIONARY PLAN.