Meditate with the full moon

Meditation is a powerful method of service to humanity when the mind is used as a channel for receiving the energies of light, love and the will-to-good, and for directing them into human consciousness. The time of the full moon each month offers a great opportunity to meditate – especially as a group – as a means of cooperating with the divine Plan or Intention for our world.

You might be wondering what the moon has to do with it. The energies of light, love and will-to-good are always available to those who can contact them in meditation. But in all aspects of planetary life there are cycles of ebb and flow of spiritual energies with which groups, as well as individuals, can consciously cooperate. One of the main cycles coincides with the phases of the moon, reaching its peak, the high tide, at the time of the full moon. It is therefore a time when the channeling of energy through group meditation can be exceptionally effective

The moon itself does not affect work, but the fully illuminated lunar globe indicates the free and unobstructed alignment between planet earth and the sun, the solar center, the source of energy for all life on Earth. In those moments we can definitely draw close to God, the Creator, the center of life and intelligence. That this realization is part of the ancient intuitive understanding of humanity is confirmed by many religious holidays fixed with reference to the moon or the zodiacal constellation. The esoteric Law of Cycles – the law symbolized by the rising of the moon to full brilliance followed by its decline – states that we can consciously cooperate with the flow of spiritual energies:

“Soul meditation is rhythmic and cyclical in nature like everything else in the cosmos. The soul breathes and its form lives in it. The rhythmic nature of soul meditation is not to be overlooked in the life of the aspirant. In all nature there is an ebb and flow and in the currents of the ocean we have a magnificent representation of an eternal law … the idea of ​​a cyclic response to the impulses of the soul is the basis of morning meditation, midday recollection and the evening review. A larger ebb and flow is also indicated in the two aspects of the full moon and new moon. ”

Today, countless serving groups, large and small, meet regularly around the world at the full moon each month to meditate. It will be good to realize that these meditation groups as a service to humanity have been held for many decades now. The work therefore does not start again every month or every year. Over the years a usable group channel has been created for the distribution of energy, which continuously grows building on what has been achieved and which asks us at each moment for a deeper understanding and a greater ability to penetrate into new levels of consciousness. , thus raising the consciousness of humanity as a whole, even if only for a small fraction .. ”

In the union of the common intentions of Love, Peace and Light we join for a Meditation that supports the individual work of dedicating a moment of Light in the darkness of the night to heal, illuminate the dark side of every sentient being that shares the planet with us. . The individual Light unites to form a beam of Light which through the power of the mind is directed across the planet to support the common evolutionary plan. It is necessary to be more and more numerous to make LIGHT POWERFUL, so that it can incorporate and transform evil into good, pain into joy, crying into a smile.

We are all co-responsible and we must all give grace through the awareness of the task that every being must carry out towards the whole of humanity.

Come and take a friend with you to free yourself from the pain of an “enemy”. Let’s unite, let’s open our minds and hearts.


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