When the difficulties of life become pressing and pressing a strange force takes possession of the human being, it perceives a profound exhaustion and an ever lower level of confidence and self-esteem.

Something pushes us to review our mental, exponential, relational conditions.
Fragility, determined by impotence, manifests itself in all its strength and pushes to seek new resources, to define the will to live and continue to represent oneself in this dimension to the individual conscience.

The push towards the search for change is strong.
What happens on the mental plane?

The mental forms and the old models that the being has used up to that moment manifest themselves with all their strength and depth. Basically they are those who are structured by education and experiences continuously supported by the same attitudes.

The push they give is called FEAR!
It manifests itself at first in a subtle and annoying way, then as it is nourished by thought forms that support the difficulty of change, the individual hesitates, doubts …
The vibration of fear permeates every push for change, transforming discomfort and / or discomfort into a sort of prostration that makes the same discomfort and oppression appear less heavy and more acceptable.

The ancient thought form emerges that what you know is more acceptable and reassuring than facing a situation that can compromise even what little you have.


Here the drive for change has disappeared swallowed up by fear.
However, the inner conflict does not subside and the frustration of the soul manifests itself in the loneliness of the lack of Joy.
This inner state cannot bring about Harmony.
Instead, it is the source of personal anger and sadness.
Fear transforms the urge to grow a block so deep that it very often turns into violence against oneself and others.

So we need alibis to make the inability to dare acceptable.

This attitude distances even more deeply the awareness of one’s own responsibility; delegating it to someone or something.

This constitutes the phase, or the most painful moment for the soul that is ready to progress, everything pushes it to change, but is blocked by the emotional and mental strength of the thought forms that evaluate what one is or what one has is acceptable, not always braking the urge to go beyond the limits that have been self-defined as personal limits.

This constitutes a magical moment, a moment in which everything is ready for personal and individual growth.

We grow when a balance is broken and everything is prepared so that we can rebuild a new one that is more suitable for inner growth, and more.

Listen to yourself and evaluate if you have done what your soul asks of you or if you have fed the FEAR of change.Inwardly perceive your state and evaluate how deep your discomfort is, in relation to fear.

By only listening to yourself you can evaluate your level of harmony and joy, only you can know how balanced and present you are in all dimensions of your existence.

With love, Francananda

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