Message for the Ceremony of Light of 03.11.2013

“Light and Peace to your heart but above all to your mind which is the instrument through which the time of emotions and the relevance of experiences flow.
I am Floris for you and with the Light of this day I will come into contact with each of you because, in addition to the constant use of your mind, a little less than your heart and emotions, the thread that unites this existence to the Divine can be enlightened by the Angelic Guides that each of you carries with you, in you moment by moment, moment by moment, thought by thought and who constitutes one of the most important travel companions.
My Energy will accompany a series of events and for some time the Ray that I am the bearer of for this place will be renewed for a series of Ceremonies of Light to come.
This is because the need arises in the depths of each of you to recontact your own inner Guide, that Angelic Entity which is an integral part of your journey.
The times that are about to come true under the influence of the mental forms of humanity on a world level certainly do not constitute a source of inspiration in clarity, brightness, truth, love.
The energies that are feeding on and taking on incredible, unlikely and unimaginable dimensions and densities for each of you are affecting the thoughts and actions of all at all levels and in all human hierarchies of power.
The darker elementals are continually fed; they recall entities of the past, of the present and obscure minds, hearts.
It is necessary to reconnect inwardly to one’s own Light, it is necessary to strongly hold the hand of light of your Angelic Guide.
Nobody believes anyone anymore.
Mistrust, inconsistency, sadness, pain, anger (which with the will can be transmuted into strength to overcome, to master), alas, are accepted by all humanity as a subjugating force: wandering minds, saddened hearts. and closed.
There is no need to defend oneself from anything since sadness is inherent, the thoughts emanate from the whole of humanity.
Great work must be done so that the Light can slowly nourish with sweetness and great love, transform this darkness into light, this disagreement into agreement, so that harmony can return to vibrate in the individual and from the single being to the great multitudes.
However, it is necessary that everyone do their own role, realize themselves in the direction of the Light instead of closing themselves off in the sadness of isolation, immersed in the darkness of their own dull convictions without acceptance, without compassion, linked to the futility and disappointments of everyday life: a daily life that clouds, obscures, flattens your creative side, the perception of reading by the Seed.
The guide of this place (which at this moment is my voice) will show you, beyond the program, meetings or vigils.
You are asked to sacrifice some of your time so that the Light can flow through your mind, your decisions, your actions.
In equal measure we will work in other places with other channels all over the planet as large, dense and dark clouds are being created which tend to lose direction, feed fears, support doubts and create separation.
Go into a process of introspection one or more times in your day.
You did not come only to work, to recreate yourselves, to attend to the changing needs of a body that will return to it in the laws that govern nature.
On the theoretical level, you recognize this law, but it scares you and you shy away from it but it is within you.
It tells you that your physicality is transient, that your physicality is not you, it only represents you.
But what you are is your I Am, your Light waiting for your soul to lighten its weight and load so that this membrane, which you call soul, can be dissolved through experiences, through service, through devotion, through compassion. .
Every thought you develop in the direction of bodily egoism, of your physical self, of your physical mind, of your material soul does nothing but thicken this membrane and the Light is no longer seen, perceived.
This membrane almost becomes a wall that detaches you and separates you completely from your Divinity, from your immortality.
It is necessary to wake up and in this awakening to commit an equal measure of energy to your inner path, to your will to slowly tear this membrane, this separation that does not allow you to emanate all the qualities you possess.
There is a lot to work for oneself and for all humanity.
Every little thing you do, every little thought you manifest will contribute to the fading of this dense nebula that envelops the planet and with it every level of existence.
If it is true that you need to fall in order to have the push to get up, it is also true that you need the will to fall without hurting yourself too much and to get up with joy, the will that at the next relapse you will always get up again before and again and again up to that the path will be clear, clear, luminous.
Honor all the gifts you have won!
Reread the pages of your existence to be able to grasp the darkest moments but also the brightest ones and evaluate the thrust of what you call “love”.
If it awaits recognition, if it claims to be nourished by external elements, it means that your humanity is still prevalent, it is pressing and becomes the purpose of your entire existence.
If you let your heart breathe free of needs, relieved of attachments, then you can enjoy that divine essence which is selfless LOVE:
… a love that is not weighed, is not measured,
… a love that contracts and expands with your breath,
… a hand that is extended without hoping that the other will return full of reward,
… a look that opens to totality,
… A loving gaze that welcomes everything and everyone.
This can slowly lead you to perceive the Divine Presence within you and make you feel constantly passionately in love with your Divine.
Only when you fall in love are you devoted, attentive, ready for anything.
Here, however, we are talking about a LOVE that satisfies by the mere fact of vibrating within and that expands outside and around you without you doing anything.
Instead, in this moment everyone closes in on himself, evaluates everything that surrounds him through the emotions of resentment, pain, fears, anger.
Nothing and no one will ever give you the measure of Peace and Harmony on the external level: it is a place that everyone carries within himself, with him.
But this on the mental plane is only a theory, since the structure of the human mind (which is determined and formed by the experiences on the physical plane) cannot perceive, it likes to hope, to think that this can be and not that it is, that it really is. is.
You need to know how to rely on your Inner Guide, your Essence and challenge your mind in order to overcome it, to be able to demolish its crystallized structures and also to be able to activate the physical organs that lead you to perception, to feeling, to the affirmation of your Divinity”.