Message for the Ceremony of Light of 06.10.2013

“Why do you persist in not having faith in the qualities of your soul and dullly pursue the limits of your physical being?
You do not recognize that the limits that have invested you as a human being, as if you were exclusively your body, your actions, your possessions, are solely and exclusively your physical, economic, religious and moral manifestation.
Your journey into existences without awareness induces you in part to sustain your existence as a physical manifestation.
But in you there are no organs predisposed to secrete joy, pain, love, hate, recognition, compassion …
There is, within your being, a core towards which you inexorably tend even without your conscious awareness, and which existence after existence pushes you towards inner evolution.
Try not to identify yourself exclusively with that dress that you only temporarily wear, and that “you need” to learn, not to be enslaved by it.
Don’t go through this existence without asking questions.
Above all, be deeply committed to seeking answers.
Engage in doubting all certainty by repeatedly changing your point of view.
There are many more dimensions unknown to you waiting to open up to your knowledge.
The thrust “MUST” arise from your inner need, no one can know your individual project; but everyone can contribute to it.
Do not postpone …
Thinking you have a lot of time to get to know each other is an illusion of the mind, of the human self.
The time of a human existence is incredibly short.
Its length is given to you only by having fragmented an infinite time into a finite time.
You have reduced time because you have reduced yourself.
You cannot contain a timeless time, a boundless space, your mind does not translate …
Seek yourself, then, in your Divine Self …
Free yourself from your omnipotence and descend into the humility of your inner greatness.
You are the one…. not this.
“Existing does not just mean acting, doing.
Existing means introducing what exists into action; and what exists cannot be what is transformed, what passes.
To exist means to act with Essence, aware of the Divinity in every action: from the smallest, the least important for each of you to the most significant.
Actions that are carried out with the passion of the heart contain the essence of each of you.
The thought of connection between the higher self and the human self is missing.
Talk about God without knowing that you are talking about yourself.
You act without knowing that your Divine is carrying him, entering where his temple is being taken.
Where is the passion in life? Where is this charge that is lived internally and that belongs exclusively to the individual who contacts it?
You perform a number of actions automatically and the more this behavior is realized and you realize it and the more you distance yourself from your Essence, as if there were gestures and actions that belong to the human self and there were gestures and actions that belong to the Divine, to your true and pure Essence.
Feed this separation daily without being aware that every cell, every organ, every thought contains within itself the Divine Spark, you are interwoven with it.
It is no longer time for the separation of action, of acting, of thought. You need to strive and devote more awareness to your unity.
You cannot break down the flow of your existence into completely dissociated roles.
This is why it is difficult for you to connect to events, to connect to nature and its laws, to connect to the existence of others.
Experience this separation internally. You are not in love, you do not develop passion and devotion to your Divine.
And if you do not recognize it inside you will never be able to recognize it outside because you will look for what you do not know how to recognize.
You can also support the desire to meet him but this desire will only direct you inwardly since outside you will only see what you already have inside.
Too much separation, too individualism: your contents continuously revolve around the ego.
You must seek the I Am: who am I? What? Am I this changing container that time demolishes? What does thought consume?
What actions degrade?
You are still too separate inside, your self only looks outside and confronts and promotes itself and destroys and tramples.
You need noise, you need to always be and feel yourself in a cog of empty silly worldliness that leaves you nothing inside, rather it leads you to observe the littleness of the human self.
And as you recognize the smallness of the human self that surrounds you, your personal self swells, believes itself to be better because it aspires, believes it is reading and interpreting.
But he reads and interprets in relation to his human self and does nothing to seek his essence. It is silent, silent because it makes you feel deeply your great high value, but it does not express it, it does not need to be recognized adulated feared respected by others.
You experience too much separation between who you are and what you want to be for others.
It has been suggested to you to try to observe yourselves and to notice how much of your time you dedicate to the devotion of your spiritual self and how much instead you dedicate to observe everything around you, to judge, to desire.
You think you love but you love yourself.
You think you are generous but you are not at all.
You know how to detect and recognize the limits of those who live around you simply because you measure them with yours and the more you recognize the superficiality that surrounds you, the more you settle into thinking that that is the way of being, of existing.
Live internally separate lives, completely disconnected from each other.
This is the very reason why everything that is happening on the planet happens because that is exactly what is happening inside each of you.
What appears on the energetic level is that every day you open your eyes, you prepare to face a war, to face enemies and those you consider friends you keep at a distance because only the name differentiates them from others but you consider them as they are.
Simply ask, demand and accumulate nothing; but not that nothing that gives you freedom but that nothing that oppresses you, that binds you and that you continually enslave.
You learn many things but you don’t feel them.
Your being so connected outside of you does not allow you to use the power, the strength that you carry within you from existence after existence, a seed that is simply waiting to give you all its fruits but that remains detached, has a place, who knows where. , within you but does not penetrate your life, your intentions, your thoughts, your saying, your doing, your acting.
As long as you wish, keep it away from you because you experience it as something you lack and not as a strength you already possess.
This is what I want to emphasize today as you have received everything that needed to be said.
Now you have to search, you have to enter your house, clean it of all the useless, of all the vain that you keep within you with so much ardor, with so much passion.
You have to stop wanting what you already own and let it express itself.
Love is simple, humble but powerful and explosive; it expresses itself in silence but resonates like an atomic bomb, it flies low to reach the highest summits of the universe.
You begin to compact, to want less and to use who you are.
Continue to create debt, collect some credit but in the end they are poor lives: an interior poverty that does not allow you to recognize the true Light from the artificial one, the Eternal Fire from the fatuous one.
Go around your wheel with a slowness that makes you appear motionless.
But now times are pushing you to speed up.
All forces act so that you can begin awakening, self-awareness, determination.
But as long as you are separated and you live separate you cannot follow and you will remain behind.
And you will not be able to enjoy and take advantage of this magical moment, of this natural drive that is brought by all the Beings of Light who up to this moment have lived among you, have acted, have been models and have given themselves with their divine passion. trying to awaken your little latent passions of the Divine.
Wake up!
Recognize yourself!
You do not desire but act with the powers, the qualities, the talents that move within you!
There is your strength and your immortality, the rest is just breath that is lost.
The moment it served you to be present in life, it disperses … there remains only the moment that made you live.
Awaken and in awakening enjoy your Light.
Feed on it,
Grow in It.”