Message for the Ceremony of Light of 03.02.2013

We always postpone having to deal internally with events, experiences that we do not like, that have made us suffer, but that torment the mind.
Not knowing how to look inside and recognize without judging that everything you have experienced has made you, makes you and will make you more and more capable of reading and evaluating yourself and your inner world.
Experiences are classified as positive or negative by virtue of the effect they have on everyone; in relation to the expectations, needs, or desires invested in the action of the realized experience.
This existence makes sense if you live it by translating into wisdom everything you choose, that others choose for you, everything you live becomes what you are.
You can work hard, and work hard to hide in yourself what you don’t like, what you didn’t want.
You will also be able to hide it in your depths, you can even live your entire existence under the illusion of having canceled, eliminated the experience itself.
It is in you and you carry it with you every day, every year of your life.
It breathes with you, it pretends with you but it is there … it will never abandon you again until you, you will not take care of it, it is therefore of you.
Strive to love your entire existence by loving yourself, and by reading with deep attention everything that comes in and out of your life.
Certainly it is challenging and you do not have all the tools to read the true meaning of events, experiences lived while awake or asleep.
Loving you is the first step to love, forgiving you is the real power to forgive, to welcome.
If you don’t love your life because you judge it unjust, poor, sad or whatever, how can you ever think of loving, welcoming others?
With LOVE, look inside and descend into your deepest memory.
Bring out … in the light of your conscience and free the memories you hide, free them from the claws of judgment, punishment, guilt.
You will live longer and better.
You will be able to look into every form of denial, rejection, abandonment; without having to carry burdens that you illusively think you do not have but which influence, depending on their nature, your life, your choices and your evolutionary project.
Learning to love must begin with loving yourself.
To be able to recognize LOVE it is necessary to possess it, only in this way will you be able to read your life, and with it your experiences always and only through the inner eyes of TRUE LOVE.
Do not postpone your harmony and balance to who knows when.
Nothing can be sadder than doing for yourself what you want to do for others.
If you don’t want to look within because you don’t feel you have the tools to do so, you don’t yet know yourself in your true DIVINE power.
Try to look for your origin in yourself and you will find everything, just everything you need to realize your “DIVINE PLAN ON EARTH”.
OWN what no life and experience can enrich.
Search inside …
But do it! …..