Message for the Ceremony of Light of 06.01.2013

It’s not just happy moments that can activate the drive for growth and change in you.
Moments of joy, or happiness, are pauses between one difficulty and another, moments that please you and that can give rise to gratitude and fulfillment in you.
Then like any event linked to this existence they pass, leaving you inside the desire to relive that emotion and perpetuate that moment.
This is why you commit and strive to recreate it, looking for different ways and ways to reach the same inner and mental state.
Think …
If your existence were only this pursuit of happiness you would not be able to accomplish anything or very little of your life project.
Are you perhaps in this dimension just to bask in the pleasures of human existence or to reach, through different experiences, knowledge and awareness?
Remember that very often what you desire does not belong to your higher essence but constitutes the world of desires in which everything is fatuous and impermanent.
In a human context, the immediate achievement of goals and desires is certainly more satisfying and enjoyable.
I ask you if this is the meaning of existence for you or if you feel, perceive or intuit that there must be something that goes beyond the effort of achieving material satisfaction; something that makes your existence a wonderful journey full of pitfalls and goals.
A short journey filled with all kinds of emotions, which opens you to the discovery of your true Essence.
An Essence that makes you free and capable of reading any event in your life whether it is of joy or pain, of victory or defeat.
Remember that every experience you have is a great opportunity to increase your wisdom, review your mistakes, and open your heart and mind to change.
It is necessary that you “WANT” to grow and not waste so much of your energy to protect what little you think you have.
Do not be afraid of losing things and people as everything is constantly changing beyond your will.
They will leave you for different reasons …
You cannot stop time and the flow of life.
Learn to live it with surrender, it is full of experiences that, lived in harmony with your project, offer you an endless richness.
A wealth that does not belong to the human dimension but constitutes the path that will lead you back to your Divine origin.
Strive not to suffer for what you do not have but learn to rejoice in all that you have earned and deserved.
If you look within you will stop looking outside and weighing and measuring what others have.
You will realize that your wealth is not made up of things or people but of joys and subtle sensations that belong to you definitively because they are qualities of the soul not of the body.
Rejoicing in the opportunity to learn, grow and know yourself is the greatest gift you can win in your existence.