Everybody talks about love a lot.

Love for nature, love for your parents, love for your children, love for a man or for a woman.
It seems as if love should have an address where is compelled to go.
We are taught to love, to respect the others but when will they teach us that love can’t be taught; love has its seed inside each human being, it only needs opportunities to be shown.

I’ll explain it more easily.
Every creature has some inner qualities related to the genetic plan of its own species.

The seed knows its plan perfectly: that is let its essence evolve. When all conditions will be propitious to the full realization of the plan and its involucres will break, the seed will have carried out its plan.
Then a new plan will start for a new goal: to give rise to a bud and when this is achieved, other processes will alternate until the plant will be ready to bloom and to bear fruits.
Everything is already present inside the creature: it keeps all the plan of what it will become inside.

Who teaches the seed to become a tree, a flower, a fruit?

So is love.
It wouldn’t need to be taught, it should come out of us naturally, because it’s part of our human plan.
Love meaning has changed just because men arrogate the right to be able to teach how to love.

Not only has the human being classified love basing on its intensity. Parents’ love must have certain characteristics, children’s love must have others and so on for each display, tie or relationship.
How is it possible that love colours are so different and so changing for each creature?

A universe created with such masterly skill, where everything resonates; a wonderful universe made of mathematical precision can’t be unprovided with a universal love key.

We learn to love or we discover that we need to love and to be loved.
I prefer to feel love as a need rather than as the fruit of a stereotyped teaching that satisfies practical needs instead of inner ones.
If men had supported the natural expression of love, this would have been part in the genetic plan of soul and body.

Love would have been a natural flowing, growing process and free from individual or collective power games.
We don’t know unselfish love, simply because we feed our mind and our body with a kind of love based only on power needs. Small and big powers are revealed or hidden when love emerges from the deep-inside, it has the power to make you perceive the world in a totally different way.

It’s a universal interpretation that doesn’t make difference among roles, races, religions, economic and social positions.
It goes across borders and horizons, it lets you get inside every element, every action.

Later on I’ll go through this important subject and I’ll be glad to have a debate and to share the different experiences of people who are reading this.
See you soon.


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