Meditation 02.06.2012

Peace to you my loved ones.
The purpose of this day, of this great little Ceremony, must not enter your lives as a habit, as an embellishment of your time and your existence.

I strongly would like each of you to understand the importance of being under the beam and guidance of a teacher.
Do not fall into the mental game in which, alas, many are imprisoned in the illusion of being free.
This Light has the purpose of lifting the thicker and thicker layer that crushes, obscures your inner light and with it your Wisdom, your Wisdom, your Divine belonging.

One must deeply contact one’s Light.
But that’s not enough, it needs to be kept alive.
It is kept alive to the extent that your thoughts, your actions, your actions, your choices are directed towards it.

The purpose of this existence, the purpose of your existences is to reach and merge into this Light.
It is often not difficult to reach it; it is more complex, more challenging for men to keep this connection constant.

It has been repeated many times, and you will be continually told that you are experiencing an extremely important moment and that, if you are present and operating in this time, it is because in your project there is not only the exhaustion of your personal karma, but you have also an important role, determining in the development of the divine evolutionary plan of the planet and of the entire solar system.

In your daily life your mind makes you grasp this content, this thought form as something pleasant but you do not give yourself permission to experience it as true and as the main purpose of your existence.
This is the way! But you get lost in your little, little existence made up of things, fears, emotions that direct your very existence without your presence and your free will.

You are in it and you move automatically because this is how you have been taught, because everyone does this, because by acting in a certain way you get a profit.
By profit, I don’t just mean money or things, but being welcomed, accepted, considered.
Put this part that projects you outside yourself first and, alas, leave for last, a Sunday activity, taking care of your own essence.

Your mind will tell you isn’t it important to relate well to others? Isn’t it important to move in economic autonomy? Isn’t it important to be wanted and loved?

This would be the project of harmony if it were in resonance with what you really are inside, not with that part that a certain type of education and social, religious, moral context has instructed, but with that part that unfortunately you let emerge in very few moments. of your existence.

Work becomes of primary importance, having a man or a woman, having children, having a house, a place, a car, money.
But everything, everything that you toil for, sell yourself for, mortify yourself for will be left in the context in which all of this is in harmony.
You will carry only one thing: you will carry a feeling, a thought which is regret.

When you can evaluate the true value, your soul will become more and more sad as it observes, will evaluate what it has left here and what it has brought with it as an integral part of it.

You know all this, you know it, you have listened to it, but as you have gotten used to listening to it in the same way, you have gotten used to ignoring it, putting it in a corner and wearing it when circumstances or choices, experiences hit you or immerse you. for a few moments of your existence in an inner state of bliss.

These contents should circulate within your existence just as blood circulates in your body and thanks to this circulation you live.
These fundamental principles you should breathe them in, because only by seeing them outside you could you recognize them and make them an integral part of your subtlest body.

Just as the air brings you the prana, the energy within the body, so these fundamental points should circulate and keep your Light body alive, always active.

Observe what happens around you.
You think that all natural phenomena are independent of your actions and thoughts.
Alas how wrong you are!
Each of you is an integral part of every movement that takes place and takes place in the depths of the earth and in the summits of the sky.

The road, the path is between the sun and the moon, between heaven and earth.
Each mood of your being affects your body and determines blocks, explosions.
We are all part of one large body.
When thought forms thicken and all go in the same direction, the balance is broken.
And the earth, from the depths of its bowels, so ruined, needs to rebalance itself, to move.
As thought forms descend into the depths of the earth, they rise and change the relationship between sun and earth, between moon and earth, between earth and sun and between earth and moon.

How then to support this path, these catastrophes?
Respecting, listening. Just as you fail to respect yourself, so you do not respect others and the earth.
Just as you do not love yourself with a love that is an end in itself, so you do not love others and the planet in an open and disinterested way.

And regardless of how you manifest, your thought forms thicken and become heavier and heavier, more and more cohesive and when they fall they damage, destroy, break and fragment.
Exactly what happens inside you and you are totally and solely responsible for it. So you are for everything that happens around you.

Where is the power that has been given to you?
A divine power that you carry with you from birth, from births and this wandering is only the result of your inattention, of always looking outwards.

Silence you call solitude.
You call yourself depression inwardly for some time.
Those who live following their feelings and in harmony with other dimensions call it strange.
But does belonging to the world of matter, to all the darkest and darkest games of human manipulation make you happy, joyful, satisfied, in harmony?

Or do you feel anxious, always looking for something that you cannot identify and invest people, things with the power to satisfy you?
If you had been created to cross this planet and enjoy its energies, everything would have been arranged so that this passage was always joyful, harmonious with the inner dimension, in harmony with the outer one.

This does not happen because this dimension (which your soul has chosen to evolve) is an extremely complex and demanding dimension because it is based on duality. And it is not taking sides from one extreme or the other that one is right and true because the extremes do not contain light, balance, truth, joy, harmony.

The power that lies, or awakens, within you is the ability to detach, to use everything with the awareness that nothing belongs to you except what becomes inner wealth, an experience that balances, an experience that allows you to grasp that. energy that unites everything, to observe how everything, every element, every sphere is closely connected.
It is like a consortium: each participant determines the fall or rise.
And harmony allows you to evolve.You need to be constantly and consciously present in your existence every moment.
A breath for your soul can be the finite or the infinite.
It is in the passage from darkness to light that the way is found, and it is necessary to move in order to learn to stay still.

It is necessary to do to learn not to do, just as it is necessary to act to learn not to act.
It is necessary to be able to find the fullness in the void.

Your time is important.
And the time you gave yourself, use it as you were committed to before diving into density, when your eyes of Light could observe the dimension of the non-horizon.

When wisdom pulsed totally in your essence, you gave yourself a motivation: seek it and sustain it!
When you have found it, cling to it, hold it tight to you because it is not it that moves away but it is you who look elsewhere.

Know how to read, understand.
Know how to look and see, listen and feel, and above all always hold back and nourish what you are in pure Love ……..