These last days have been full of dramatic events and of scandals, of corruption. All that has prompted me to talk to you about the energetic causes that are responsible for calamities and deadly events that are taking place on our planet.

We must pay attention to the ENERGY concept.
Energy is all that vibrates, all that evolves and all that changes.
Life, death and transformation represent one energetic continuous process that never stops because it’s in a never-ending motion.

This is easily visible and confirmed by scientific investigations and evidence.

All that moves as well as the way it moves is a subject for research; the reason why all this follows a mysterious drive is a subject for research and endless discovery for the human being.

As the MASTERS teach me, when men develop, or better still, they rediscover their oldest qualities, they can read or suppose the laws which rule nature, the planet and the universe.

Human beings read or try to read what “SOMEBODY” has coded.

The great MASTER left us a code in order to read the deep ties which relate all living things and the things in the sky and on earth.

When He says: “…on earth as it’s in heaven…” he teaches us that each element, ranging from the smallest to the biggest, is related and ruled by the same laws; besides what occurs in the tiniest and invisible element affects the existence of everything and everyone, thus causing variations and changes which move and direct the state of visible and invisible events.

Let’s look around carefully…

Let’s notice all the imbalances caused by human greed, by power games, by corruption and by the final collapse of strict principles which have been the bases of the human existence so far.

Many balances that have been kept together by hypocrisy and lies have broken down.
Family, religion, economy, politics, moral sense have broken up and keep doing it, more and more deeply, thus making the mankind astonished, confused and scared.

This mankind is unable to look inside themselves and to understand that what is taking shape around us is the reflection of what we have created inside ourselves.

We have forgotten about the harmonies and have given way to the disharmonies of avarice, of crave for, to passive acceptation of laws which will kill free will.

Let’s look inside ourselves carefully and honestly.

If we really want, we will see how far we are from our real essence and we will realize how different upbringing patterns have trained us by belittling and cancelling  our uniqueness, our ability to judge and choose basing on our individual qualities, talents and minds.

They have reduced us to slavery by using fear.
Yes, fear.
We are afraid of not being loved if we are not the way they want us to be.
We are afraid of being abandoned if we don’t give what we are asked.
We are afraid of not being up to other people’s expectations.
We are afraid of not being a good child, a good parent, a good husband or a good wife.
Fears, fears, fears.

But who decided that you must in a determined way in order to be suitable, desired, loved?

Who decided that a determined way exists?

We have given human limits to God, too.

God  punishes, rewards, lavishes abundance or famine, health or illness by basing on an inconstably human and not divine principle.
Think about the way we have been manipulated for centuries or even millenniums and how they have made us miserable by depriving us of the natural use of LOVE.

The genuine, fair, unselfish one.

We have ended up living several lives all at once and being separated from what we really are, in order to be what others want us to appear.

The most personal and genuine thought are the unexpressed ones that are carefully hidden from the others people’ perception.

Now I have come to talk to you about thought forms.

The great secret power of unexpressed thought forms that are secret and fed deep inside in each creature.

I leave this important personal meditation to you:

In the silence of your inner self notice how many thoughts of very different nature go through your mind and try to think about how many of these thoughts you feel free to express without fearing other people’s judgement.

Listen to yourself and assess the nature of your thoughts.

If you are reading this, try to answer me  and establish a dialogue with me but, above all, with yourself.

I will resume this important subject and you will be aware of how we are all responsible for every event on a very subtle and dense level.

Light for your soul.


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