On the Way

How can you think of  living with harmony and joy if you don’t try to understand, to perceive the reason why you choose to live in a body instead of another one, which is the role of each of us beyond the small or big individual life.

Appearance keeps you so busy that you have a very short time for your inner research or for what is commonly known as spirituality.

Why take part in life and not give or leave your personal mark.

At every moment of the day, ask yourselves: “Who am I?
Am I able or brave to express My feeling: all that vibrates and palpitates inside myself.”

We need help.
But you don’t just need to look for it, you have to want it.

You have to want it with all your own strength. You have to fight inside yourselves in order to really know yourselves and discover which teachings should be removed. Before showing the way to others or a way to know themselves.

This is a deep and constant work which tests hard your strength and determination.

People often give up just before achieving their goal, sometimes they give up because they started out of emulation, often also because the inner research makes them bring out what they want to ignore, to forget.

Every day you lose a lot of chances of getting in touch with your inner self and become part of your personal plan again in order to express the oldest qualities which are kept in each Creature.

Look for your inner Master and trust his guide.
The Universal Love seed lives silently inside all of us.
It is expecting to be revealed.


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