The awakening of the soul is like a new birth.
A conscious and responsible birth as you will not be able to use it as an alibi for oblivion, due to reincarnation, to justify your choices.

A soul awakens in a strong, willing body in harmony with all creation.
With good food, air and water it nourishes itself, with colors, scents, and gems it heals.

Joy and sweetness are its fertilizer, music and harmony regulate its rhythm. The body is the tool the soul uses to make experiences through which it seeks to evolve and be reborn with greater talents and qualities.

Your soul receives all the vibrations that experiences communicate to it, and vibrates through your thoughts and emotions.

For this reason, you must strive to offer yourself opportunities that make you vibrate on ever more subtle, deep and high notes.

Offer attention and love to it, offer the best you can but above all always stop to personally choose the direction to give to your life.


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