Experience an event that inspires and harmonizes you with the entire human universe constitutes the greatest and most generous gift that everyone can give to himself and to the planet he inhabits.
In this moment where everything is in crisis: family, morals, religion, and economy.
In this time, where preserving the qualities constitutes the commitment that requires a lot of effort, feeling part of a deeper and more enveloping energy can only nourish every part of being and allow you to do for yourself and for the whole planet an action of LOVE.
Everyone gave rain and storm, in my heart I knew that never before had a profound meaning for the MASTERS to bear witness to their love.
An enchanted evening scented with orange blossom and iris.
One evening where everything breathed with the gentle breeze of the wind that brought the caress of the DIVINE to everyone.
I can speak to you of the enchantment of the absolute quiet that enveloped the valley, but I cannot give you the emotions of a harmony that did not belong to anyone but that penetrated everything being and motion of the soul.
Yes …….. it was the soul that each of us has contacted and that is expressed through the natural ways of the heart.
The LIGHT and the energy that reached us radiated from each of us to the people who go through individual life to reach every creature on the planet, every place and dimension.
Love became air, fire, water, ether and became the very breath of the earth, of the universe.
All united and connected by love.
Tell me, isn’t this a miracle and a gift?
Love that reaches us like rain on everything and everyone COSMIC love.

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