Dying and getting born again

I think this is an almost magical moment to talk about death and rebirth.
There has been much talk of this year 2012 with alarming and at times almost terrorist tones.
The Maia, Nostradamus etc. were called witnesses of this inexorable event.

Few have committed themselves to spreading and transmitting the true meaning of a change that has been going on for very long centuries and that involves all beings on the planet, the galaxy and the entire universe.

Nothing is accomplished, for better or for worse, that does not bring blessings or curses to everyone, just to everyone.
The thoughts we give birth to, the actions we perform move so much of that energy that they cause global disasters or blessings respectively.

I also look like a terrorist right now.
The beings of power have worked so well for their own interests that they have made us capable of seeing, hearing, feeling the immense power of the SINGLE.

We were so great that we deserved to be here; now … while this planet has been and is crossed by great Beings who have the one and only purpose of giving us the strength, the awareness of dying and being reborn. It scares death because it has always been supported, in all possible ways , that it represents the end of everything, darkness, nothingness …

Reflect on how much death makes many gains; I dare say that it achieves the economic profit that the disease brings.

Because they haven’t taught us to understand existence, they haven’t taught us to use the awareness of our higher nature.

They make us fear death and do not allow us to grasp how many thousands of times we die every moment, after every strong experience that changes the direction of individual and collective life.

Everything is exhausted, in the context, of what is subjected to space and time.
The breath in its phases dies and is reborn and allows us to live.
Day and night are born and die so that we are allowed to grow in harmony and have different experiences in different ages.

We are born and die in our mother’s womb.

Actions, fears, joys, experiences are born and die and why only death should represent the end, and not represent a new moment of change and continuity?

I stop and wait.
I am dying at this moment as a writer of thoughts and I am reborn as an interlocutor if someone is interested in talking to me.
I will continue to speak to you when I feel inspired to do so.

I live this space as an opportunity to stimulate us to ask ourselves questions, and to seek answers that come out of the canons that have chained us to ignorance and passive adaptation.

Ask yourself why things review what “others” have stuck in the minds, passing them off as our creations.



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