I greet all those who enter this blog and who will feel inspired or intrigued by the different arguments I will discuss over time.

Like any conception, even for this blog it will be necessary to give attention and nourish it so that it can grow and manifest its qualities or limits.
I hope to receive collaboration from each of you in order to all share the growth and character of this space.

I am Franca and above all I follow the growth of a Center that was born as a drive to know oneself and learn to find answers that give meaning to this existence, to individual and collective existence.

Often I will pause to ask you questions in order to get to know each other and open an inspiring dialogue capable of stimulating self-knowledge and the contradictions of which we are healthy carriers.

Surely many of you have wondered or are wondering the meaning of life with the fateful phrases: “who I am, why I live and where I will go”.
Mankind has been asking this question for millennia, since the dawn of the birth of an intelligent consciousness.

Many philosophers, poets, writers, scientists and ordinary beings have tried to find answers that could provide satisfying or acceptable content for different intelligences.

All religions have provided answers that supported their thesis or theories; and where there were no acceptable arguments they covered the answers with mysteries that they pompously called “DOGMI”

We are in a time full of stimuli and rich in information.
A certain type of ignorance has been eradicated (reading and writing) the use of technological means puts thousands of people in contact in a nano second and nothing belongs to the individual anymore, globalization has massified most of the beings.

This blog itself gives us the opportunity to communicate beyond human space and time.
We don’t need a lot of time to reach out and confront each other, or talk about different arguments. While I’m writing I know that I’ll be with anyone who comes in to read me and for a few moments I will and will be an integral part of his time.


I would like to ask you who read me the same questions:
Who do you think you are?
Why do you exist?
What do you think is the meaning of your existence?
Where do you suppose you will end up after you leave your body?

These are questions that we often ask ourselves especially when hard or painful events mark existence and direct it in different or opposite directions to our dreams, projects and desires.

I leave the “verb” to you for the moment. None of us have the whole truth but each of us has a piece of it, a piece of it.

Comparing the different researches we will not reach the completeness of a universal answer but we will recognize ourselves as thinking beings.

See you soon SHANTI


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