Meditation 04.03.2012

In this dimension of ours, in the dimension of life on this planet, everything follows two tracks, two opposites: day and night, good and evil, acting and not acting, doing and not doing, the interior dimension. and the external dimension, male and female.
Even on the inner plane, the mind follows two paths: one is the inner thought, the other is the thought that manifests itself through the word.
So are the emotions: we have inner emotions and emotions that manifest themselves in relation to the situation to act on what each of us wants to represent about himself.

The path of the heart also has two paths, it follows the rhythm of the breath and the breath is divided into two phases: inhalation, exhalation.
It is very easy to think that the inhalation is more important than the exhalation; in truth the most important work, the one that allows us to be alive, is the work that makes the action inside the breath collect and bring out.
Thus the circulation of the heart, also manifests itself in two phases, in two different moments.

The paths of the heart therefore always follow two paths, such as those of emotions and those of thought. This means that our life takes place on two levels, on two tracks: an external one, what we want others to grasp, see and what we are on the internal plane.

Here too it may seem that the dark side is the inner one. In fact, it acts within us very often because our will, our desires, our needs are not expressed, they are silenced, disguised, disguised.
All these processes have fear as their background.
We want to love and yet we are afraid of loving, we want to say but we are afraid to say, we would like to express every emotion but we are afraid of it.

Our life has become almost a calculation, a mathematical operation and the thread that united, which should unite, these two forces let itself slide so deeply inside us that, if each of us, each of you were to draw your own portrait. , he would simply express himself by stating the things he chooses, the things he likes, the things he would like in relation to a more external dimension, more in relation to the world than to the soul.

It is necessary to contact the truth profoundly and enter into a sort of inner relationship with it until intimacy develops, until one merges with the other and, beyond the subtractions that manifesting us can cause, try the joy of unity.

There is a moment between dawn and night, when neither darkness nor light prevails.
There is a moment in the breath in which neither modality prevails.
There is a moment in silence where everything is silent: mind, body, emotions.

They are small moments that need to be desired, sought, desired.

The mind suggests that they are so small, so imperceptible and gives us the excuse not to do, since our existence is made up of small moments next to each other.

Think of the ways of the heart start from two different places, from the same organ even physically but the heart unites them and the opposites within that organ harmonize: it receives and distributes.
The source of pain, the source of discomfort and the source, the origin of all ailments is this disharmony, this living in one form and being something else entirely.

The divine power that has been given to us does not have the function of developing contentment, because when we do not want to be satisfied, we mentally transform it into modesty and affirm “I am a modest person because I am satisfied”.
The power that has been given to us cannot and must not allow us to be satisfied in that form of addiction, of laziness, of fear of change.

We are afraid of being ourselves because we are afraid of not being accepted, loved, accepted. Our acting and our being made in that way supports the lie, the other side of the truth is the one that, however, procures more success, more money, more recognition because it is modeled according to the needs of others.

Where did you hide your divine power?
Where have you buried the knowledge that thousands of lives have brought within your soul?
You have heard these contents many times and each time you have heard them resonate within you on the wave of Truth and for a few moments even the mind has left you free to feel the harmony of centering between mind, body, soul and emotions.

Then the static moment, the listening moment ends and, like a breath that is taken out, you can’t remember it anymore; as in this split second while you are breathing you have already forgotten to breathe.

Unfortunately, when the awareness of all this is clear, limpid, it will be an integral part of you, you will have let go of many occasions, many appointments, many opportunities.
When you are freed from bonds and companions, companions, children, husbands, relatives, mothers, fathers will be nothing to you, then you can observe with great clarity that the purpose of the bonds was not to hold, it was not to sacrifice, it was not to humble oneself but every bond, every encounter had to be an ambassador, the bearer of information or the bearer of a difficulty …