Meditation 01.01.2012

Close your eyes and bring your mind to think that there is only each of you sitting here for a very important appointment.
By closing the visual sensations out of the stimulations on your brain, it is easier to think that here there is only each of you for an ancient date, for an exceptional encounter.

For this appointment it does not matter who you are, what role or what roles you live in the visible world, in the dimension of everyday life and matter.
Here your wealth, your beauty, your light is given by the seed of the origins and the appointment here is individual, personal with the generator of this seed.

We are waiting to be received.

If you are able to descend into your intimacy, to the place of non-belonging, you may also feel the emotion.
As with all divine and extraordinary audiences in our life, it will not happen to everyone to feel this vibration: this does not mean that its light has not reached us but, simply, that we still have so many things in front of us, so many thoughts, so many fears. , so many expectations that do not belong to such a subtle dimension.

They belong to this dimension and until one of these energies is slowly thinned and then let go we will make a great effort.
It will only be a will of the mind.
When you begin to vibrate on a subtler dimension, everything that belongs to everything: bonds, loves, pleasures, fears, experiences of this life of ours all fall silent.

As in a mystical silence, the mind closes a road to open a boundless space.
Arrange to welcome, beyond perceptions.
Develop spiritual humility but listen carefully.

His grace is never announced, it reaches us when we have made room, when interiorly the content of the I Am has overcome every mental barrier.
We are fortunate to live and have experienced great events, extraordinary upheavals on the level of the planet, of humanity and of each of us in our own existence.
For some ancient reason our souls deserved to be there, as if to witness the beginning of an extraordinary, incredible passage.
It will be realized beyond our will but what could be the great pleasure and the great advantage of being attentive? To free oneself from one’s rigid positions which are nothing more than constructions, constructions that protect our ignorance, our inability to resolve our laziness, our false attachment to people, to things, to feeling?

It is almost necessary to return to the nakedness of birth.
When we arrive from the other dimension, we arrive without carrying anything, naked in the body and in the dialectical spaces of our mind.
Yet when we leave the body we clothe it as if to hide an instrument that has lived, that has had experiences, that has created and that has sown around it.
Now let’s feel at the moment of birth but with a totally renewed awareness since the work, the deepest commitment is not to lighten the body of clothes but to lighten the mind from crystallized structures, from rigid existential models more than what each of us thinks or you think.

We can see this when events are not as we want them, as we would like them.

Our inner and mental paths follow traces as old as the world, renewed only in appearance but still so deeply rooted in educational methods on all levels: family, religious, political, economic, social.
Fear has separated us. Fear separates us internally from the world around us.
We do not change for the fear of suffering while we suffer because we do not change.
We are afraid that the economic power of matter will escape us and in the meantime we suffer from its deprivation.

We manage our life on this planet as if it were eternal, in this way, to look into the distance, every creation of the present is lost.
You get sick because you look far away ……….