Il punto di luce risveglio dell'amore

Master Message for the Light Ceremony of October 2013 

“Why do you persist in not trusting your soul’s qualities and pursuing your physical being’s limits obtusely?

You don’t realize that your limits as a human being and that your belief that you  are only your body, your acting, your possession are  your physical, economic, religious and moral manifestations exclusively. Your going through your lives without consciousness makes you live your life as a simple physical manifestation. But you don’t keep organs inside that  give out joy, pain, hate, appreciation, compassion…

Inside your being there’s a core and you tend to it inevitably, even without your aware consciousness, it pushes you to evolve innerly, life after life. Try not to identify yourself only with the garment you’re wearing temporarily because you need it to learn, not to be submitted to it.

Don’t go through this life without asking questions. Above all apply yourself deeply to look for answers. Apply yourself to doubt each certainty, by changing your point of view over and over.

There are many other unknown dimensions that are waiting to be achieved by you. The push  “ MUST” come out from your inner need, nobody is able to know your individual plan; but everybody can give their contribution. Don’t procrastinate…

Believing  to have a lot of time to know oneself is a mind illusion, a human ego illusion. The human life time is unbelievably short. His length is the result of splitting  an infinite time into a finite time. You’ve reduced time because you’ve limited yourself. You can’t contain a timeless time, a  boundless space because your mind can’t translate…

Then look for yourself, in your Divine Self…

Free yourself from your omnipotence and come down in the humility of your inner greatness. You are That… not this.


 Light Ceremony of October 2013 

“Being doesn’t mean only acting.

Being means to let what exists in  action; and what lives can’t be what changes or ends.

Being means living with the Essence, conscious of the Divinity in each action: from the smallest, the least important one to the most meaningful one for each of you.

The actions you make with the passion of the heart contain your own Essence. You miss the link between your Superior Self and your human Ego.

You talk about God without the awareness that you’re talking about yourselves.

You act without being aware that you’re carrying, letting your divine in wherever you move his temple.

Where’s the passion in life? Where’s this energy that lives inside all of you and which belongs only  to the individual who gets in touch with it?

You create a lot of emotions automatically and the more you repeat this behavior the more you increase the distance between you and your Essence, because you act as there were human actions and actions related  to the Divine, your real and pure Essence.

You feed this separation daily, thus ignoring that each cell, each organ, each thought keep inside itself the Divine Light, you’re interwoven with It.

It’s no longer the time to separate yourself in your action, in your thought. You need to strain yourself and search for more awareness for your oneness. You can’t decompose the stream of your life by playing different, entirely dissociated roles. This is the reason  why it’s so difficult for you to connect yourself to other people’s life. You live this separation innerly. You’re not in love, you don’t increase passion and devotion for your God. If you don’t recognize Him inside yourself you’ll never know Him around you because you’ll search for what you won’t be able to recognize.

You could as well wish to meet Him but this desire will be only able to show you the way inwards, because you’ll see only what you already have inside.

Too much separation, too much individualism: all inside of you turns around your Ego continually. You must look for the I AM: who am I? What am I? Am I this changing receptacle that is destroyed by time, consumed by the thought and degraded by actions, maybe?

You’re still too separated innerly, your Ego only looks outside and it makes comparisons, it promotes itself, it destroys and it tramples on. You need noise, you  need to be constantly involved in a foolish, aimless, worldliness that doesn’t give you anything innerly, but on the contrary it leads you to observe the smallness of the human-self.

As you recognize the human-self smallness around you, your own self will be swollen with pride, it will believe itself superior because it aspires, it believes to read and to interpret but all this basing on its own human self and it doesn’t keep anything to look for its essence. This one is silent because it makes you feel your great worth deeply but it doesn’t express it because it doesn’t need to be valued, flattered, fearsome and treated with great respect by others.

You’ve been suggested to try to observe yourself and noticing how much time you dedicate to look at everything is around you, judging, desiring. You believe to love but you only love yourself. You believe to be generous but you aren’t it at all. You’re able to see, to know somebody else limits only because you compare them with yours and the more you recognize the superficiality around you the more you sink into it, while thinking that is the way to be, to live.

You live separate lives innerly, completely disconnected between them. This is the true reason why everything is happening on the planet is exactly what happens inside each of you. All that appears from the energetic point of view is that every day you open your eyes, you prepare yourself to fight a war, to fight enemies and to keep distance with your friends because you call them friends but you consider them as your enemies. You ask, you expect and you accumulate nothing simply; that nothing gives you freedom but it oppresses you, it ties you and enslaves you continuously.

You learn a lot of things but you don’t feel them. Being so connected to outside cause you’re not able to use the power, the strength that you keep inside through all your lives, a seed which simply expects to give you all its fruits but that remains separated; it has a unknown place inside of you but it doesn’t permeate your life, your intentions, your thoughts, what you say, you do and you act. Until you keep desiring it you’ll keep it far away from you because you feel it as something missing and not a strength you already got.

This is what I want to emphasize to you now because all that was needed to be said you’ve already got it. Now you need to search for, you need to get inside your inner house in order to clean it from all those useless, vain things you keep inside with great passion. You must stop desiring what you already have  and let it express itself. Love is simple, humble but also powerful and explosive; it expresses itself silently but it rings out as an atomic bomb, it flies low until it reaches the universe highest top. Begin to become compact, to desire less and to use what you are. You keep on increasing debts and you gain some credits but yours are poor men’s lives after all: the inner poverty doesn’t let you know the real Light from the artificial one, the Eternal Fire from the ignis fatuus.

You go through your life wheel so slowly that you seem motionless. Now times push you to hurry up. All forces move in such a way that you can start the awakening, the self consciousness, the determination. But until you are and live separated you’ll not be able to go on and you’ll stay back. You won’t be able to enjoy and to take advantage of this magic moment, of this natural push made by all Light Beings who have lived among you until this moment, who have acted, who have been models and who have given themselves with divine passion as a gift to you, trying to wake your own week, latent passions for the Divine.

Wake up!

Recognize yourselves!

Don’t desire but act with the powers, the qualities and the talents which move inside of you! Your strength and your immortality are there, everything else is only a waste of breath. It is useful for you in the moment you are completely present in your life then it goes…only the instant you’ve lived remains. Wake up and enjoy your Light while waking.

Feed yourselves with It, Grow in It.”