Il punto di luce risveglio dell'amore

Post for the Cerimony of the Light of the 04 November 2012

Give yourself permission to stop ....
Stay still and listen to your breathing, the beating of your heart.

Stay still and listen the voice that comes  from your immortality.
You spend much time to the voice that comes from your material needs, but that express and realize themselves in the fade of the time  
You plans , you labor to achieve what you think is indispensable and cross your life always bent on yourself.
You measure the world and the beings between the answer that they give you, you don’t know them , but you judge them for the answer that you receive.
All that you have created into the material,   it will remain.
Stay Still …. And you begin to feel another voice that never it left you , and it whispers to you the right direction to achieve your existential plan.
everything you spend all your time, it is only given in use to you , but you haven’t got it , also the others beings. It belongs to the material world and only if you identify yourself in it, you will live in the power of the illusion.
But tell me, this power , how long you can use it ? for seventy, eighty hundred years ...
But what do you want that are this microscopic beats of the time compared to no time?
Now that the moment is ready to the changing , you can use your talent to bring out from you the old history, all you wisdom and knowledge that your SPIRIT has.
Do not miss out on the small stuff, you look great just because you observe closely.
Get silence, and listen the old voice that whispers and support you beyond you human things.
It is your  wealth TRUE, IMMUTABLE, DIVINE.
Offer her your will, your fear, your weakness, your strength, your courage.
It will open the way of joy for the small and big things.
it will give the joy of life, the sweetness of survival, it will open hug of FATHER and MOTHER
You will be the real owner of your wealth , that you don’t abandon, that none will can never  subtracted , but will increase gradually to listen to you and you create in your original and unique.
Immerse yourself in your LIGHT where no one has ever, ever alone.
Return to your roots, leave your ego and let melt in your "IF" superior.
With Love