Il punto di luce risveglio dell'amore

Meditation of the 01.01.2012


Close your eyes , a let you your mind thinking that you are sit down, for an important appointment , there is only each of you.
you close  every visual sensations outside stimulation to your brain, it is easy think that here there is only each of you for an old appointment , for and extraordinary meeting.
For this appointment it doesn’t matter who are you , which kind of role or roles you are living in your visible life, into the daily and matter dimension.
Here your wealth , your beauty, your light is given from the seed of the origin , and the appointment here  is individual, personal  with the creator of this seed
We are waiting to be received ……..
If you are able to get down into your intimacy, into the place of not belonging, you can also feel the emotion.
As for all the hearings divine , some of us will be  not able to feel this vibration: this doesn’t mean that his light doesn’t join us, but simplify , we have so many thoughts, so many fears, so many expectations , that do not belong to a dimension so thin.
They belong to this dimension , and till one of this Energy will be not thinned slowly , and than let go away, we will have many of trouble.
It Will be only will of the mind.
When we are beginning to vibrate in an thin dimension, all that belong to us , loves , pleasure, fears, ties, experience about our life,  start to be in silence.
How in a mistic silence , the mind close a street in order to open a place without limits.
Try to allow ,  beyond perceptions.
Develop spiritual humility but remain closely listening..
His grace is never announced, it comes to us when we made space , when inside the contents of the I Am has broken all mental barriers.
We are so lucky living and to have lived , great events,  extraordinary reversals on the planet, humanity and all of us in his own life.
For old reason , our souls deserved to be there, as witness the beginning of an extraordinary passage, incredible.
It will take place beyond our will, but what will be the greatest pleasure and the great advantage to be  careful? Get freedom  of their rigid positions that are nothing more than buildings, buildings that protect our ignorance, our inability to solve our laziness, our false attachment to people, to things, to feel.
You have to go back almost to the birth of nudity.
When we arrive from the other dimension , we arrive without bring anything , naked on the body and naked in our mind.
But when we left the body we clothed as a tool to hide who lived, that make experience , who created and it has sown around him.
Now feel us at the moment of birth, but with a new awareness totally renovated since the work,  the deeper commitment isn’t  lighten the body of clothes but lighten mind of structures crystallized, from existential models rigid more than any of us thinks or believes
We can note it when the events aren’t  as we wish, as we would like.
We do not change for fear of suffering  , meantime we suffer because we do not change.
We have fear that the material economic power miss us, meantime we suffer  its deprivation.
We manage our life on the Earth as if it were eternal, in this way , in order to see far away , we lost the present
We get sick because you look away…….