Il punto di luce risveglio dell'amore



The Center for Inner Growth organizes pilgrimages to India.
We guide you on a path to lead you to places sacred to all mankind focused on preserving the spiritual vibrations of the Masters who have walked and lived in those places.
A trip to India is, for those who feel, is a journey about memory, an ancient memory that belongs to the riches of the soul, hosted lifetime after lifetime in a body.
The journey will take you to wherever you are ready to go.
The visit is accompanied and supported, but only you can decide to travel inside your being to experience your own unique, personal and intimate, inner state.
Allow yourself to live, see and  hear the hospitality of the people and feed on ambrosia for the soul.
You will never be left alone on the physical and subtle level.
If you feel ready, you just have to look for me, the Master and I will take you into the depths of your being to reach the peaks of your higher self-awareness.
Contacting me , does not guarantee participation on the trip, I invite only those who  WANTS spiritual contact with himself in the most authentic and sincere way.
If you are interested call this number +44 7708380285 or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .