Il punto di luce risveglio dell'amore

who are we

The Centre, is like every physical place on the surface of earth. A Spiritual Centre  however,  is a Vibration that originates in the mind of the Masters of Wisdom. This Vibration is linked with a physical place, where beings have remembered, either entirely or partially, their rebirth plan and they act as simple communication channels between the Masters’ Wisdom and the genuine and deep desire of the inner seeker.
These places have their own energy which can be expressed by attracting other energies with the same vibration. A Search Centre is a point of light, which radiates sounds, colours and meaningful silences. It is a place that is reached by those who are looking for, wish to know, understand and tear the veil that separates the Man from the Being of Light.

We are beings who are searching and who have united to support and feel each other with the wisdom of the Beings of Light.
We are not looking for economic wealth, we are searching for the immense treasure which is unused inside ourselves.
Harnessing the ability to use it is one of the highest qualities you can achieve.
We don’t use it just for yourselves; it is a form of Love which is discovered and developed when you achieve the freedom to work with no desire for any acknowledgement whatsoever.

Maybe we are just brothers and sisters who wish to get out of oblivion and remember what it was like to live with no needs, attachments or fears.
We just need to love in order to rekindle all our inner strength which relates us to the Divine.

We are limbs of the same DIVINE BODY.